As a jewelry designer for Brilliant Earth, I stretched myself creatively and professionally. I created bridal and fine jewelry designs for the Brilliant Earth customer who is classic with a twist. I worked from concept to illustration to overseeing the CAD production and revisions to confirming gem selection to checking the quality of samples, web imagery, and descriptions. Additional aspects of my position included custom design, brief presentations, and conceptualizing collections. Below are examples of my designs featured on 

Original Render - Adjusted the CAD later to accept the available stone size and strengthen the connection

Original Render - Original accents were enlarged to highlight the shape of the hexagonal settings

Original Render - Also created a physical model with video to convey the 3D design

Original Render - Sizes of baguette accents were updated to highlight a larger center stone

Original Render - Increased the diamond size and reduced the hoop size to highlight te diamonds

Original Render - Men's Pendant with beveled compass and border

Original Render - Celtic Motherhood Knot charm

Original Render - Enveloped heart Valentine's Pendant

Original Render - Added chamfered edges and hollowed interior

Original Render - Dune knife-edge curves

Original Render - Cosmos Men's Wedding Band

Initial Render - Baguettes were replaced with princess cuts for better availability of shape

Original Render - half matte brushed, half high polish

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