Fiction Jewelry is my jewelry design company. From concept to execution, I designed the brand, jewelry collections, and marketing materials. I design, photograph, and layout all media. A photographer worked with me on the model shots, and we collaborated on a Mother's Day marketing campaign. 

Opting to use a similar stamping look for the brand name allowed me to leave "Jewelry" separate from the logo. This also allows a distinction from the word "Fiction" being associated with actual works of writing.

Because most of the jewelry can be personalized or custom, I wanted the tagline to creatively capture the idea of using story for inspiration.

A fun spin on the tagline to draw attention to holiday gifting.

The packaging design reflects a book, opening on the right side instead of the traditional bottom with the white representing the pages.

The author and I promoted a contest to increase interest

Jewelry Design & Retouching

Author's collection for Instagram Post

Marketing Postcard that celebrates the author's collection with her book cover in the background.

Post for collection release

Jewelry Collection Design cover image

Slide image of slang, "cuffed" combined with illustration of Romeo and Juliet. Background image of a castle.

Post of author's order for her book, Always.

Mother's Day slideshow collaboration. I was in charge of styling and editing.

Fiction Jewelry Marketing video

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